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The Nessie Family
  • The Nessie Family
  • The Nessie Family
  • The Nessie Family
  • The Nessie Family
  • The Nessie Family

The Nessie Family

For Mythical Feasts

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  • Meet this pre-historic family of stackable kitchen utensils
  • Infuse your tea with an infantile beast
  • Drain your dinner with a mythical monster
  • Scoop your soup with a fabled ladle
  • Doesn't require old folk tales or sonar to locate


Their existence has been questioned for centuries, further clouded by strange folk tales and heaps of terrible photographic evidence. But at last, not one, but three of these misunderstood sea creatures have been raised from the depths of Loch Ness to become your very own culinary servants. Meet The Nessie Family.

They've each got four stubby little feet so they can stand up of their own accord and peek out of your pots, pans and cups. Just grab them by their long, inquisitive necks and let their curvaceous tummies do the rest – draining, straining and infusing has never looked so enchanting.

The best part? Little tea-straining baby snuggles perfectly into Nessie ladle's back, who in turn nestles neatly into the posterior of big Mamma colander. Nothing saves storage space like a good old prehistoric pile-up.

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  • "Exactly what my mum wanted :) and the little one for tea is cool and squidgy."
    Jane - 12th of May, 2016