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The Mu Folding USB Adapter
  • The Mu Folding USB Adapter

The Mu Folding USB Adapter

Award winning USB plug

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    Is that a plug in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

    Is that a BS1363 in your pocket,
    or are you just pleased to see me?

    The sun’s coming up, the birds are chirping and you leap out of bed ready to greet the day with a grin. Only to land on an upturned power plug, painfully destroying any hope of an early morning dance spectacular and leaving you limping like some kind of blinged-out LA rapper.

    The UK 3-pin plug (better known as plug BS1363) is statistically the largest and most hazardous of all plugs in the history of current-carrying-connectors. Since its post-war introduction, the cursed BS1363 has seen a catastrophic increase in the number of plug related injuries, while simultaneously assaulting the eye with its hideously angular design.

    Slim next to iPhone 4S

    Slim folding design (only 1.4cm thick) is the perfect sidekick to your modern gadgets

    With iPhone cable (not included)

    Great for charging your USB devices

    But praise Zeus and his shiny electrical rod, because the award winning team at Made in Mind have come to the rescue of unsuspecting feet, and design fanatics everywhere with the ingenious Mu Folding USB Adapter.

    Utilising technology and design that could have been stolen straight from an episode of Transformers, the Mu USB Plug is almost 70% slimmer than your old plug and will happily charge your smartphone. Saving you space in your suitcase, your computer case and potentially saving you from devastating podiatric injury.

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