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The Mindless Colouring Book

Brain-dead Colouring for Exhausted People

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The Mindless Colouring Book
Love it as much as we do?
  • Distract yourself from the real world
  • Stuff to colour in during your miserable commute/long-term employment
  • An edgy alternative to the average cutesy colouring in book
  • Yet more fuel for your mindfulness addiction
The two Mandala Elephants rutting on the front of this book should give you a clue as to its contents.

The Mindless Colouring Book helps you distract yourself from the real world with its alternative brand of "art therapy". Which turns out to be page after page of braindead colouring-in exercises. It's brilliant.

Scribble all over intricately-decorated swear words, a man reaching into a Unicorn's arse, a massive pile of washing up, Hitler enjoying a lovely day – and lots more.

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Got this for a gift for somebody else but had a flick through it before I wrapped it. Well put together, pics are funny! "
    Sacha - 20th of November, 2017
  • "Random birthday present for the sister-in-law =money well spent! Face of the very naive mother-in-law whilst looking through it =priceless!"
    Tasha - 14th of September, 2017