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The Michael Fish Weather Changing Mug
  • The Michael Fish Weather Changing Mug

The Michael Fish Weather Changing Mug

Retro weather report on your tea’s outlook

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    Michael Fish

    The Fishmeister

    “Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you”. So sung 90s dad rock sensations Crowded House, but have you ever really sat up and wondered if it was actually possible? Well now it is – and what’s more, it’s coming on your tea break and it’s bringing Michael Fish along for the ride! That’s right, just introduce hot beverage to this natty mug and like magic the clouds will lift from the forecast to reveal sunny skies.

    For those with a shorter memory, the Fish was the weatherman par excellence of the late 20th century. With a deft touch and a chummy bedside manner, he predicted precipitation and heat wave alike with a jolly avuncular charm. How better to celebrate the legend than with a special weather-changing mug?

    Michael Fish

    Forecast changes in
    45 seconds

    When cold, the half-pint receptacle portrays a cold front of cloudy skies and obscured sun. Not so good. But pour in a brimful of your favourite hot drink and the forecast changes: in 45 seconds the dark skies lift to reveal a sunny outlook, all watched over by the godlike gaze of national treasure Michael Fish.

    With his slab-like boffin specs and bulging forehead, underlined by a jacket that would make a pimp weep, Michael Fish represents everything the Brits love about the weather: inscrutability, panache and an overriding sense that everything is going to work out just fine. Now his image can be combined with that other British obsession, the tea break. Never has a meeting of primal forces made us quake with such expectation.

    Whether you love tea, coffee, fair skies or foul, this is your mug. You don’t have to love the Fishman for his dress sense to enjoy it: just take a glug and appreciate his finesse in getting it right every time. Apart from when he missed that hurricane. We don’t like to talk about that.

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