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The Memeing of Life
  • The Memeing of Life
  • The Memeing of Life
  • The Memeing of Life
  • The Memeing of Life
  • The Memeing of Life
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The Memeing of Life

You meme a lot to me

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The Memeing of Life
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Obsessed with memes? You need this book
  • A meme encyclopedia packed with exciting essays and fascinating facts
  • Suitable for meme novices and internet veterans alike
  • Find out what makes them go viral and where they really come from
  • If you remember Harambe then you the real MVP


Are you a veteran of the good ol’ days? Know your past-it can I haz cheeseburger from your marginally-less-past-it nyan cat? Do you pride yourself on keeping on top of the latest memes? You’ll enjoy this book.

Dive in and prepare to learn everything about memes, starting with your basics and working your way up to political memes and their agency, memes as an outlet for despair and anxiety, animal memes, sex and love in memes, schadenfreude in internet humour, memes in real life, the dark underbelly of memes and, best of all, wholesome memes.

You’ll practically be a fully qualified internet historian by the end of it all.

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