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The Mallows
  • The Mallows

The Mallows

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  • Marshmallows with personality
  • Chocolate covered, naturally
  • Choose from one of six exotic flavours
  • Generous tub that looks ready-to-gift
  • Hand-crafted and organic


Meet The Mallows! This family of chocolate covered chewies are an eclectic bunch with some exotic flavours to match. Slip the tub out of its fancy box and get stuck into 180g of pure pleasure as your taste buds get to know every member of this luxurious, mad gang.

At the top of the family tree are a pair of free-spirited hippies, The Lovegoods (Strawberry & Lemon) - an odd couple but a perfect match. Then there’s the sophisticated Penny-Joan Dupont (Smooth Caramel) and the intense Bernard Hoffamn (Gourmet Mocha). If you’re more into your tropical flavours, we ought to introduce you to hunky surfer dude Gabriel Rodriguez (Intense Banana) and fashionista Vivian Laverne (Quirky Coconut). Oh, and there’s Lloyd Houston, the black sheep of the family. We don’t talk about him (Dark Liquorice).

And the best bit - aside from the fact that they're handmade and organic - is that ech one is covered with a decadent chocolate coating to add an extra dimension to the deliciousness. Can’t say that about your own family, can you?
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