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The Magicorn Hood

Wear the Rainbow

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The Magicorn Hood
  • Warm your head and hands in the hide of a mythical steed
  • Purest white fur, majestic golden horn, flowing rainbow mane
  • May attract butterflies and other small woodland creatures
  • Make hugs a little more magical with its silky soft hooves
  • Wear it and finally be accepted by that gang of forest nymphs
As fantasy headwear goes, it doesn't get much more enchanting than The Magicorn Hood.

Purest white fur, a majestic golden horn, flowing rainbow mane and silky soft hooves. Just slip your weary head and hands within the luxurious plush innards of this fairy-tail steed and begin to fill your world with wonder.

Like a hulking lion-skin, draped triumphantly across the broad shoulders of Hercules – this fabled hide is a powerful symbol of the great deeds you've performed in your life. Sure, you haven't actually skinned a mythical creature yourself but you've done some pretty cool stuff.

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11 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Prezzie for my daughter who loves unicorns (even at 23) she nearly had a meltdown and fell in love with it."
    Michelle - 14th of March, 2016
  • "Pure magic. Words cannot properly describe how in love with this hood I am. It is so plush, and comfy, and has pockets!!!"
    Sarah - 22nd of December, 2015
  • "My words can't describe it, it was simply out of this world!"
    Marja - 22nd of December, 2015
  • "I've ordered this as a gift for my sister as she's crazy for unicorns! It's really soft and looks just as good as the product photo!"
    Abi - 13th of December, 2015
  • "Can't wait to give it as a gift. Lovely!"
    Alice - 12th of December, 2015