The Magic Wand Remote Control
  • The Magic Wand Remote Control

The Magic Wand Remote Control

Your swish is my command!

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    Harry Potter might be a dab hand at casting spells but we’ve yet to see him use his wand to switch off Holby City, series link EastEnders or mute Jeremy Kyle mid-rant. And that’s because the annoying little brat has only got a wand, not the Wand.


    The Wand: Watch a swish demo!

    Utterly astounding, this beautifully crafted gizmo looks like the kind of thing you might find in Diagon Alley. The difference is you use it to control your telly, Sky, digibox, stereo or any other infra-red device via various abracadabra-ish gestures. Simply swish, whirl and flick to change channels, adjust volume and much more. Incredible! What Katie and Peter Did Next? *ZAP!* Who cares? Your swish really is its command.

    Download the manual

    Download the manual here

    Totally button-free, the Wand can ‘learn’ up to 13 infrared codes from your existing remote(s) and fling them into the ether when you perform one of 13 predefined gestures. It’s a kind of magic. Okay, it isn’t but making Vernon Kay vanish has never been such fun. Silencio Imbecilicus!

    You can assign various functions to various moves: flicks to turn on and off; spins to control volume; big swishes to mute and so on. You’ll be flicking just for the fun of it. Better still, rival wizards will be unable to mess with the telly or digibox unless you show them your moves. Hocus flippin’ pocus!

    To add to its supernatural nature, the Wand also features a ‘heartbeat’ in the form of various pulses that confirm gesture recognition and tell you when the batteries are low. It even goes into sleep mode after 60 seconds of inactivity and ‘wakes’ when you pick it up. It’s just like having a real magic wand, only you won’t have to wear a stupid cloak or marry Debbie McGee. Magic!


    Comes in a smart presentation box

    Gorgeously packaged in a smart presentation box, the Wand is set to become the remote control of choice for any gadgeteer with Potter-esque aspirations. So don’t be a Muggle, get ordering. It’s totally wizard!

    Some example gestures:

    Description Description Description

    FLICK RIGHT: A short positive flick of the tip of the wand, to the right, moving wand back slowly does not confuse the gesture. (Rating-Student)

    FLICK DOWN: A short positive flick of the tip of the wand, moving wand back slowly does not confuse the gesture. (Rating-Student)

    BIG SWISH: A powerful movement from the top straight down in front of you, needs practise. (Rating-Graduate)

    Description Description Description

    VOLUME UP: Roll your wand between your thumb and fingers slowly & smootly. Volume up & down, usually clockwise and anticlockwise (Rating-Graduate)

    SINGLE TAP: Hold your wand by the handle and tap firmly with your index finger, ideally on the crisscross area. (Rating-Graduate)

    SIDE TAP: Rotate wand a quarter turn so that your index finger is at the side wait half a second and tap on side of wand. (Rating-Graduate)

    More detail and specification