The Llama Duster

Yer filthy animal

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The Llama Duster
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  • Clean up your home with a furry little llama
  • Possibly the happiest, pinkest, fluffiest thing in the world
  • Make dusting cool again
  • Glorious windswept hair when you blow in it's face
If there's one thing Peruvians hate – it's a dusty picture frame. The Llama Duster is here to bring bring back the forgotten art of fancy filth removal.

You don't need us to tell you that dust is a delicious cocktail of dead skin, old insect parts and other airborne grime. In spite of this we rarely see anyone doing a spot of dusting these days. It's madness. Get this fluffy fold-up llama in your life and make dusting cool again.

If you need another reason to buy it, take a look at that last image of us blowing in it's face – just incredible.

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