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The League Football Card Game

    The League Football Card Game

    Deal out a right good drubbing

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      Sir Bobby Robson once said: "We didn't underestimate them. They were a lot better than we thought." And that's kind of what happened with The League, because we had no idea this football-based card game would be so preposterously enthralling.

      After all, playing the beautiful game with a deck of cards is a bit like playing rugby with a roulette wheel, isn't it? Well no, not really, because any misgivings you may have about The League will be booted into row z the second you start playing.

      The League Card Game Just like the real game the basics are easy. The idea is to build up an attack by laying combinations of Pass, Dribble or Skill cards in order to get a shot on goal. But every time you play a card you could see a tackle flying in from your opponent as they try to dispossess you and attack on the break. Expect dubious decisions, penalties, 30-yard screamers, near misses and spectacular saves as you battle it out for victory.

      The League Card Game So how do you play The League, then? Well, each player is dealt 7 cards plus a Goal card. Each time you play a card you must pick another off the 'Match Clock' pile. The idea is to counter cards such as Pass and Shoot with Tackle and Cleared cards. So if an attacker deals a Shoot card and the defender has no Save card, it's a goal. The game is over when all the cards in the Match Clock pile have gone.

      The League Card Game

      It might sound more confusing than a Cantona quote, but after a few goes you'll be totally hooked and waving your cards around like a Premiership ref. Best of all The League is a brilliant way to get your footie fix without exerting too much energy or spilling your pint. So hurry up and click Add to Cart, because as Kevin Keegan once said: "The tide is very much in your court now".

      The League Card Game

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