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The Kitchen Sink
  • The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

Carry your kitchen with you

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    Designed to pop up when filled with water

    Designed to pop up when filled
    with water

    In 1871, trigger-happy explorer Henry Morton Stanley set out through the heart of Africa to discover the whereabouts of the elusive Dr Livingstone. As well as his elephant gun, Stan the man also packed 6 tons of gear on the backs of his 200 porters. How clumsy. We expect he’d be slapping his head in amazement when reading about The Kitchen Sink: a super-lightweight camping bowl that’s just made to make any expedition a doddle.

    The Kitchen Sink is designed to pop up when filled with water, and stay up – thanks to a stainless steel stiffening ring that keeps your H2O upright and not cascading across the campground. Holding up to 10 litres of liquid, it’s the perfect size for washing up your Royal Doulton dinner set. If you’re slightly less Victorian about your adventures, it’s just right to give yourself a refreshing al fresco wash in the great outdoors too. Just make sure you’re not in full view of the Scout jamboree in the next field, that’s all we’re saying.

    Nice and compact

    Nice and compact

    You’ll be able to leave those 200 porters back at base camp, because not only does The Kitchen Sink folds down after use into its tiny nylon pouch, it only weighs the same as a couple of bags of crisps, or maybe an African tree shrew. When full, you’ll hardly notice the effort it takes to carry your sink full of water from stream to camp kitchen, thanks to a pair of sturdy webbing handles that make portage a breeze.

    We’ve never seen a gizmo that’s like it. Whether you’re washing up pans or people, carrying life-saving water to lost missionaries or draining precious fluids from a vine in true Ray Mears style, The Kitchen Sink is a brillo way to take the inside out with you. And what’s more, you’ll never, ever need to unblock the plughole. That’s a Firebox promise!

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