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The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk

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      Technology doesn't always take things forward. You can't imagine a computer-generated Hulk (which is what the planned movie will use) being more impressive than the massive Lou Ferrigno in the late 70s TV series, painted green and with two caterpillars stuck on his eyebrows, smashing things up and pounding around in his big, bare feet.

      It might come as a surprise to know that Richard 'Jaws From James Bond' Kiel was the Hulk for a few weeks, until the producers realised that he wasn't bulky enough. Fans of the series swear that there's one shot of Kiel as the Hulk in the pilot episode (a high shot of the Green One knocking over a tree) but we're not sure. However, that first TV-movie episode and its follow-up are the excellent beginnings of the best comic book junk drama series ever. And that end theme music. So sad!

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