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The Ice Baller

Stunning Sub-zero Spheres

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  • Make striking crystal-clear ice orbs in your own home
  • Consistently produces better results than other ice ball solutions
  • No need to buy distilled water or boil and pre-freeze tap water
  • Cools drinks perfectly without diluting them excessively
  • Get experimental, fill your ice orb with fruit, mint, even petals
  • It's the must-have home barware accessory
You've gone to great lengths to meticulously craft the perfect cocktail, or perhaps you've just poured out a measure of the finest whisky money can buy. So why would you go and tarnish the whole experience by adding imperfect ice? You need to introduce a little frosty finesse, a touch of theatre to your tipple – you need the Ice Baller.

Funded by thousands of budding barmen (and bar-women) on Kickstarter, this unique appliance enables you to make stunning crystal-clear ice spheres in your own home. Unlike other over-priced and over-complicated ice ball makers, it uses a process called directional freezing so that bubbles and impurities disperse upwards and out, leaving you a perfectly flawless orb of ice, every time. You can even get experimental by filling your ice ball with winding lemon peel, sprigs of mint, fresh fruit or even flower petals.

Not only are these frozen globes incredibly striking, they serve a functional purpose as well. Their smaller surface area means they chill your drink perfectly, for longer and without excessive dilution.

At last, an elegant cooling solution that's worthy of your classy beverages.

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