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The IQ Collection
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The IQ Collection

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    Sviolng a pzzule cna be aoynning cna't it? Of course, wordy ones like that are easy, but certain puzzles are so tooth-gnawingly infuriating they can take over your entire life. And that's exactly what this collection of wooden puzzles is all about.

    Despite looking like a selection of Pinocchio's internal organs, these baffling bits of wood, rope and wire are actually extremely complex brain games. The beauty of the IQ Collection is that each puzzle is a timeless, gimmick-free enigma that looks as if it could be solved by a 5-year-old. But, as the saying goes, there's never a 5-year-old around when you need one, because IQs are deceptively difficult. In fact they're exasperating, maddening, vexing, infuriating, stupid little...aargghh!! Okay, we admit it; these little wooden brainteasers have got us stumped!

    The IQ Collection In a nutshell players must work out how to unravel or swap the metal rings, balls and beads that are intertwined amongst a muddle of wood and rope. Sounds easy, but take it from us, it isn't. With names such as Cuckoo's Nest and Labyrinth, the makers of the IQ Collection know exactly how to push the right buttons when it comes to winding players up. We got so worked up trying to solve Pulley that we ended up trying to prise it apart with brute force - and even that method proved unsuccessful as each IQ puzzle is really built to last.

    The IQ Collection

    In an attempt to guide your selection we've sorted the IQ Collection into four levels of difficulty: Hard, Difficult, Infuriating and Death by Puzzle. Notice there isn't an easy level. That's because these fiendish puzzles simply don't know the meaning of the word. Even the seemingly simple ones can transform you into a gurning, Hulk-attempting-to-change-a-wheel-in-the-rain-style mess!

    IQ puzzles are great hour-crunchers on long journeys and they're quite good for stress relief - once you solve them. In fact, each puzzle is so perplexingly brilliant you may well have a problem deciding which one to buy. Answers on an order form to Cheers.

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