Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

The Hot Tug

Full steam ahead

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  • Sail away with me honey, in this woodfired hot tub
  • Time for you and 6-8 friends to embark on the ultimate river quest
  • It's very probable people will take to calling you a Sea Lord
  • The superior nature of the HotTug justifies a lifetime of gloating
  • Onlookers will likely cheer as you drift steamily past
Even by our preposterously extravagant standards, we’ve pushed the boat out with this one.

It’s highly recommended you give your emotions a wide berth, because they’ll be inclined to explode everywhere when they hear about Hot Tug - the sailable hot tub.

People are often skeptical of extravagance and its necessity, the glamorous lifestyle has been known to cause one hull of a problem in the past (we're still rooting for you, Lindsay). But in this instance, all aboard we say. This magnificent hybrid boasts a hot tub nestled in none other than a tug boat. A wood-burning stove keeps the tub toasty and a propeller engine keeps this steamy vessel chugging merrily downstream.

We tend to flabbergast moor often than knot here at Firebox, but this chap really takes the biscuit, does he not? 6-8 people can soak comfortably in the Hot Tug, more than this may rock the boat. The Hot Tug is crafted from wood and fitted with polyester with a stainless steel pipe, and it’s also worth mentioning that this tug don’t chug: oh buoy is the motor quiet.

All that’s left to do is batten down the hatches, slip into your slinkiest speedos and crack out the WKD’s. As you’re gliding opulently along the waterways you’ll likely question just how you ever survived without the HotTug.
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