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The Hold Up
  • The Hold Up

The Hold Up

Hands up if you wanna open bottles

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    Unless you've got teeth like him out of Moonraker or a 'hand' like the bloke from Live and Let Die, opening bottles of beer can be a right pain. And that's why you need a quality bottle opener. Step forward The Hold Up.

    The Hold Up

    Go on, Getcha top off!

    Putting the macho into matchstick man, this designer top-puller-offer is far too understated for a Bond villain but it will open a beer bottle faster than you can say 'Look after Mr. Bond...see that some harm comes to him.' Probably faster. We digress. The point is this ultra-chic kitchen essential is one of the most stylish bottle openers we've ever seen.

    The Hold Up
    Crafted in high gloss injection moulded ABS plastic with reinforced steel arms, The Hold Up is striking a somewhat dramatic pose just to get the lid off a beer, but that what makes him so incredibly effective. And thanks to his robust metal mitts this strapping chap will rip off pesky lids with ease, first time every time.

    The Hold Up

    Comes with useful instructions on packaging

    The Hold Up

    Clever hands

    If you're into sleek drinking accessories The Hold Up is just the ticket. Far too smart to be hidden in a drawer alongside the potato masher and the fish slice, this bright red bloke can stand on his own two feet next to your favourite designer gizmos.

    In fact it's worth buying a case of beer just to witness the ease with which The Hold Up can open a brew. And if that's not a good enough reason to get ordering we don't what is. Go on, Getcha top off!

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