The Hobbit Prancing Pony Stein
  • The Hobbit Prancing Pony Stein

The Hobbit Prancing Pony Stein

Mmm…my precious!

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    The Prancing Pony is one of
    Middle-earth's most popular taverns

    Head down to the local boozer and you’ll see plenty of characters who look like they come from Middle-earth. Indeed we often give the bloke who collects our empties a few silver pennies just to enter the Chamber of Marzubel (aka, the bog). But thanks to the Prancing Pony Stein we no longer need to visit the pub to pursue our love of beer drinking and Middle-earth mythology because the quest continues at home.

    Etched with iconic Prancing Pony artwork this high quality glass stein holds almost a pint and a half of your favourite drink and stands as a fitting tribute to one of Middle-earth’s most famous taverns. In fact, as well as being frequented by Bree-folk the Prancing Pony was popular with Men, Hobbits, Dwarves and even Bucklanders from the Shire (it says ‘ere).

    Look, the point is this eye-catching vessel is ideal for Hobbit nerds, fantasy fans and Samwise wannabes. Now all you need are some hairy-footed friends to raise your glass to.

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