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The Hobbit Green Dragon Stein
  • The Hobbit Green Dragon Stein

The Hobbit Green Dragon Stein

Fill it with brew for the brave and true

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    The Green Dragon is one of
    Middle-earth's most popular taverns

    ‘You can keep your fancy ales, you can drink 'em by the flagon, but the only brew for the brave and true comes from The Green Dragon.’ So sang Merry and Pippin in The Return of the King. And we couldn’t agree more because if this mythical gaff’s glassware is anything to go by it must be a top tavern.

    Yes, Tolkien fans, the Green Dragon Stein is here at Middle-Firebox and it’s a glass worthy of only the most dedicated members of the Fellowship. Featuring deep-etched artwork from the legendary boozer at Bywater near Hobbiton (it says ‘ere), this classy vessel holds almost a pint and a half, making it ideal for drinkers keen to make complete Bilbo Baggins of themselves.

    After a few glasses of ale from this fine receptacle we guarantee you’ll be unable to resist telling friends about the time Thorin Oakenshield was boozing in The Green Dragon at the start of the Quest of Erebor. Of course most of ‘em will have nodded off by the time you get to the bit about the Dwarves’ treasure but who cares, this glass is class!

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