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The Glif

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    mounted on tripod

    Allows you to attach your iPhone to a tripod or camera mount

    What a remarkably useful bit of kit The Glif is. On its own, it’s just a lump of recyclable plastic. It has a nice rubbery feel and it’s so light you could pop it in your pocket and not even notice it’s there. In fact, if that were all it had going for it you might just forget about it entirely.

    But this unremarkable-looking oojamiflip is actually a middleman between two bits of very cool kit. Thanks to this handy shape you can now connect your iPhone 4S to almost any tripod – guaranteeing perfectly-framed shots, zero blur and a professional edge to your videos.
    Showign the tripod mount
    standing up iphone

    Use as a stand in portrait
    and landscape

    Just slot in your iPhone and the textured material will grip it gently, holding it in place while you jostle your tripod into position. And that’s it. No high tech closures, clasps, screws or sticky bits. If you’ve set up your shot and you suddenly get a call, just whip the iPhone out and answer it. Once you’re finished, just slot it back in the Glif and it’ll be lined up, ready to take your shot, before you can say ‘Mario Testino’.

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