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The Frog Weather Reporter

It’s raining cats and frogs

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    When it comes to predicting the day’s weather you could trust the chaps on breakfast TV or even consult your smartphone. But for a reliable heads-up on the elements, just ask The Frog Weather Reporter. Made from hand-blown glass, this dinky desk ornament is straight from our clever cousins in Japan, so the instructions are a little hard to fathom. However, we’ll try and explain how it works...

    water level close-up

    Rising water = chance of rain

    handblown glass detail

    High quality handblown glass


    A perfect addition to any desktop

    Just add your choice of water (with a drop of food colouring if you like) using the supplied syringe and wait. Thanks to some pretty nifty physics (or meteorology skills) the water level in the adjoining tube will rise and fall depending on the atmospheric conditions. If the water is high up the tube, the chances are it’ll rain. If it’s low down, the skies should be clear. Much like an old school barometer this smiling amphibian has been known to get it wrong from time to time, but generally he’s spot on. Perfect if you’re in two minds about taking a brolly.

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