The Dog House Tent
  • The Dog House Tent

The Dog House Tent

Barking but brilliant!

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    Turn heads at the camp site!

    If you must attend these summer festivals and behave like an animal – drooling over fellow guests, munching on dubious scraps of meat, doing your business in the bushes etc – it’s only fitting you sleep in a dog house. And here it is in the highly amusing shape of the Dog House Tent.

    Barking but brilliant, this high quality two-man (or lady, natch) tent is guaranteed to have fellow campers howling with delight because it looks just like a classic dog kennel. Don’t ask why but it even comes with a dog bowl so you can crawl out of its sturdy fabric embrace the morning after the night before and refresh yourself with some cowpat-flavoured rain water. Doggie-style camping? You betcha!

    Dimensions diagram

    This two-man tent is an impressive 2m long and 1.1m high and wide. Plenty of room for a cosy night

    Dog bowl and tent

    Dog Bowl and Tent

    Needless to say there’s more to this colourful tent than bow-wow tinged humour; its roof and base are an impressive 3000mm while its printed sides are 1100mm. It even boasts a raised waterproof taped seam above its base for added flood protection. If all that doesn’t have you pawing the Buy button in anticipation, we can only assume you’re a complete pussy cat. Woof woof!

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