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The Daily Mood
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The Daily Mood

Let the world know how you feel

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    An office worker with The Daily Mood on their desk

    Being sarcastic at work has never been easier!

    You feel them all the time, yet we’re all pretty rubbish at expressing our emotions. We’re quite forlorn about it. Forlorn, sullen and anxious. But we’re excited about this new product. Oh yes – and giddy, happy and joyous too.

    Emotions are much better when you can see them with your eyes like words, aren’t they? Good job the Daily Mood is here then – it’s a brilliant way to show how you feel.

    The Daily Mood is a 13.5cm high emotional almanac of 47 different moods that you flip through and choose your prevailing feelings. Spent? Got it. Mischievous? It’s in. Cantankerous? Oh, if you must. You just flip to the emotion – handily filed in alphabetical format – and display to the world what you’re experiencing.

    What's your current mood?

    Chill page on The Dail Mood Crazed page on The Daily Mood Antisocial page on The Daily Mood
    Every emotion comes with an eye-catching emoticon too; one that perfectly encapsulates your every mood through the distinctive type that everyone loves from their computer communications. It’s the language they all understand, isn’t it? What a lovely low-tech way to let them know your every mood swing.

    The back of The Daily Mood showing the emotion description

    Emotion description on the back

    Each emotion also gives you a full text description of the prevailing mood, so you can match yours exactly. And if you’re in the mood to go deeper into it, there are even an extra couple of facts about how the emotion came about, and a cheeky little pig-Latin description that sums it up perfectly too.

    They say it pays to advertise, and your emotions should be no exception to that rule. When you’re in a stinking bad huff, colleagues can clock your mood a mile off and give you a wide berth. Emotions go both ways, after all!

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