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The Cubes

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    Looking forward to another day at the office? We thought not. That's why we've decided to brighten up your dreary corporate existence by introducing you to the Cubes. Despite sounding like a painfully trendy indie band, these suitably glum-looking posable plastic figures are set to take workplaces across the globe by storm, as they capture the drudgery of corporate life in all its tedious splendour.

    The Cubes Each set contains one office bod and all the necessary bits to build a classic corporate cube: four walls, a desk, chair, filing cabinet, in/out box, phone and computer. Also included is a sticker sheet so you can customise your character's workspace with graphs, charts, computer screens and pithy office posters. Best of all there's a job title sticker sheet that allows you to create a convoluted and utterly meaningless position for your employee. Just like real life!

    The Cubes There are four individual figures to collect initially: Bob, Joe, Ted and Ann. But in order to create that genuine Swindon-merging-with-Slough vibe you'll need the Cubes Expansion Set, which contains an additional four pen-pushers.

    The Cubes The moment you start arranging your character's workspace you're bound to start quoting Gareth, Finchy and the Brentmeister, so remember to create an atmosphere where you're a friend first, boss second and chilled-out entertainer third.

    The Cubes

    Because each blocky little Cubes figure is posable you'll have hours of fun arranging it in its claustrophobic corporate cell. And although the characters already have names we guarantee you'll be unable to resist renaming them after your work colleagues.

    The Cubes If all that doesn't stuff your envelope in terms of excitement corporate life really isn't for you. Us? Well we think the Cubes are a craze waiting to go global - after all, it's hip to be square but it's even hipper to be Cubed!

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