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The Cube
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The Cube

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    Test your accuracy

    Dramatic voice at the ready. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for... The Cube! This scaled down version of the hit TV game show features seven rounds of brilliantly simple – but nerve-shreddingly tricky – games and challenges.

    Some take place on the electronic keypad, while others involve the various props and equipment provided. With such seemingly-simple tasks standing between you and victory, it’s a game the whole family can play. Each player has nine lives to make it to the £250,000 grand prize (sadly missing from our box). Use up all of your lives and you’re out!

    Focus Drift Ball Launch

    Use your brain power!

    Do you need to simplify the game?

    Can you beat The Cube?

    With challenges ranging from mental to the physical it’s the ultimate test of who’s best. So grab your stroppy siblings and sit down your smarty-pants mates. It’s time to take on... The Cuuube!

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