The Complete Office Golf

    The Complete Office Golf

    It really is a whole new ball game

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      It’s probably best that we let David Owen (no, not the old politician one, another one) introduce us to his book, and at the same time, the sport of Office Golf itself. ‘Office Golf is any form of golf that can be played indoors on someone else’s time. It’s pitching over the conference room table. It’s putting from the corner behind the door of your office to the front right-hand leg of the little table next to your desk.

      ItÂ’s chipping down the flight of stairs that connects the executive suite with the sales department. ItÂ’s competing head-to-head on a challenging course laid out between the reception desk and the photocopier. Â’In creating a history, rulebook, association (the OOGA, no less) and comprehensive guide to Office Golf, Owen has given life to an idea that must have crept into a thousand bored minds at every workplace in the developed world. The tone is serious from the off, but after about three pages you know that tongues are set firmly in cheeks.

      The result is a thoroughly entertaining golf manual/exercise in hilarious deadpan sports humour. Every kind of floor covering is rated for playability, and there are explicit instructions (with diagrams) on how to make an emergency, paper-and-tape ball should you lose your real one in a water hazard or your managerÂ’s office. The push-out, thick cardboard holes mean that you can actually practice what is being preached. You supply the club(s) for a round of Office Golf; this book will take care of the rest.

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