The Colour Changing Cube
  • The Colour Changing Cube

The Colour Changing Cube

Flash and glow

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    Who needs a mirrorball?!

    Sleek minimalist furniture or loopy rainbow party-piece? Well, the Colour Changing Cube is both – and everything in between.

    With its comfy curved edges and plain white faces, this cool stool looks great in any room of the house. But it’s not until the lights go down that the Colour Changing Cube really comes into its own.

    Turn on the LEDs inside and the whole cube will glow. Choose from sixteen different colour combinations to perfectly match your mood – or that of the person sitting on it – or cycle through four separate lighting effects. Chilled out phasing colours, or hyperactive disco strobe? There’s something to suit every situation. Turn up the tunes and this funky furniture can even change colour in time to the music!

    Charging up the Colour Changing Cube Remote control Music sound changes the colour

    Charge up before use

    Choose your colour or mode

    Get the music to switch colours!

    The Colour Changing Cube can be controlled with the slim remote, so you can change the settings from across the room. Flick through the colours, dim the lights, or cycle to the next lighting effect – you have the power!

    How it looks with no LEDS on!

    It's all white when switched off too!

    The rechargeable battery inside the stool will give you a good five hours of lighting without any trailing wires. When it runs out of juice, just plug it back into the mains with the supplied adaptor – so whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, you can enjoy a relaxing glow or disco lightshow whenever the mood takes you.

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