The Burn Machine
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The Burn Machine

Seconds out, feel the burn!

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    different exercises

    Perform a variety of exercises

    Walloping a speed bag is one of the finest ways to get fit and build muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. The trouble is unless you’ve got a Rocky Balboa shrine in your garage or fancy visiting the local boxing club they’re pretty hard to come by. Plus they’re about as portable as lead watermelons. So thank goodness for The Burn Machine.

    Already causing a storm in the fitness world, this revolutionary weighted (12lb) gizmo allows you to replicate the various actions performed by boxers on speed bags, giving you an amazing workout from the core outwards via a variety of exercises.

    The main idea is to hold it away from your body and make a complete Apollo Creed of yourself as you mimic a speedball routine by doing a kind of hand-bike circular motion as you spin it via its rotating grips. But that’s only the beginning because you can walk, march or perform mobile lunges while circulating The Burn Machine at any height or angle.

    grip detail gif holding with one arm

    Textured grips

    Feel the burn!

    Can be used with a single arm

    Fully chromed and precision engineered, The Burn Machine comes complete with a full workout guide and DVD, so you can get to grips with getting fit immediately. The only downside is that you won’t be able to get Eye of the Tiger out of your head whenever you take it for a spin. Yo, Adrian!

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