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The Brexit Cookbook

British food for British people

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The Brexit Cookbook
Love it as much as we do?
  • Take back control of your cooking
  • A gift for the friend who voted leave, or remain
  • Re-discover long forgotten British delicacies – like jellied eels
  • Put down the Ciabatta and buy this book
Soon Britain will be out of the EU and we won't have to subject ourselves to revolting delicacies like croissants, pizza and crème brûlée.

The Brexit Cookbook strips away decades of diverse dishes and reminds us of some forgotten British classics. Bread and dripping, cabbage soup, scotch eggs, jellied eels – we could go on but you're probably wiping the saliva from your chin.

Less of a recipe book, more of a handy guide to show you what foods you'll be able to enjoy on our newly-detached utopia.

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  • "Very cleverly written and detailed. A great laugh and the perfect gift to annoy a remainer "
    Daniel - 20th of April, 2017