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The Book of Barb


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  • A celebration of Stranger Things' iconic wing-woman
  • Full of advice from Barb about love, life and everything in between
  • Quizzes, outfit choices, 80s mix-tapes – it's got it all
  • For the barb in all of us
  • Unofficially licensed (even cooler)
You've bought yourself a new bra. You're round his house but his parents aren't home. You're shotgunning beers... wait a minute. This isn't you.

In such circumstances, you need to turn to The Book of Barb – your very own faithful and nerdy voice of reason.

With full-colour illustrations throughout, this book is the ultimate tribute to everyone's favourite wingwoman and style icon. Ever wondered what Barb keeps in her bag? Or what songs would be on her dream mixtape? Take the 'Which Hawkins High Student are you?' quiz and find out whether you're truly a Barb (or more of a Steve)

Buy this book, seriously you're going to be so cool now it's ridiculous.

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