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The Boardcaster Chopping Board
  • The Boardcaster Chopping Board

The Boardcaster Chopping Board

Lemme hear you say ‘chop!’

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    Hard rockin’ guitar heroes are always strumming away to songs about eating this and chewing on that. And when it comes to chopping things up…well, need we say more? Indeed your average plank spanker is clearly a foodie at heart. So what better pressie to give the music lover in your life than this high quality chopping board shaped just like a guitar. Kerrang!

    Made in England by a genuine guitar manufacturer, the Boardcaster is lovingly crafted from a 2.5cm slab of beech. Solid? It’s more reliable than a Quo riff at a charity gig. And it’s not based on any old guitar but a Fender Telecaster (née Broadcaster), the legendary solid-bodied axe made famous by the likes of Keef Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Parfitt and…er, Tony Blair.

    Unconventional it may be, but the Boardcaster is no novelty. This hefty kitchen essential is built to last, and because it has been shaped using the same production techniques as its string-clad counterparts you can be sure it’s capable of withstanding a proper bashing. That said, setting it alight Hendrix style is not advisable. Nor is licking it, ramming it into the fridge or brandishing it above your head, poking your tongue out and thrusting your nether regions at the bewildered cat.

    In terms of rock and roll household goods, this shapely hunk of timber is hotter than Satan’s thong and just as sexy. It’s also supremely practical because there isn’t a man alive who can resist dicing a few tomatoes the second he claps eyes on its illustrious, instantly recognisable form. You can even give it a temporary celery whammy bar and some crudité pick ups. If you want.

    We’re so into slicing and chopping on the Boardcaster we’ve started humming celebrated Tele-riffs whilst preparing din-dins. And so will you. All together now: ‘And I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I li-i-ike it, li-i-ike, here we go, choppin’ all over the world!’

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