The Big Lebowski 'The Dude' Action Figure
  • The Big Lebowski 'The Dude' Action Figure

The Big Lebowski 'The Dude' Action Figure

Not a man, a way of life

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    Say hello to the Dude. Or His Dudeness... Duder... or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing. Confused? You won’t be if you’re a fan of The Big Lebowski because this brilliant action figure is based on the cult movie’s titular doppelganger, unemployed slacker Jeff ‘the Dude’ Lebowski.

    Standing 8” tall and fully articulated, The Dude Action Figure is an amazing facsimile of the bowling crazy drop-out who captured moviegoers’ hearts with his laid-back style, countercultural musings and prodigious smoking habit. He’s even wearing his iconic sweater and pyjama bottoms, and comes complete with his beloved rug. ‘It really tied the room together!’

    Despite his unquestionable realism The Dude Action Figure is unlikely to prompt any surreal dreams involving bowling, the Gulf War, Maude’s, erm, ‘interesting’ art and the Nihilists, but he’s guaranteed to become a talking point wherever you choose to display him. And remember, the Dude abides.

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