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The Big Cold Turkey
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The Big Cold Turkey

Might as well face it, you're addicted to...?

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    Everyone's got their vices - whether it's tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, videogames, narcotics, or simply biting your nails. Here at Firebox it's coffee, but that isn't really habit-forming. And we should know because we've been drinking twenty cups a day for years. Okay, so we're being facetious. But the point is, facing up to an addiction is often the hardest part of beating it.

    The Big Cold Turkey So assuming you've got over that first hurdle, how do you go about actually giving up? Well, if you're anything like an increasing number of penitent celebs and savvy habit-haters, you get hold of The Big Cold Turkey. And no, it's not a dead bird that you shove over your head, Mr Bean-style (although that might work for a while). No, this inspiring little kit has been created to help you show those nasty addictions and bad habits who's boss. And by all accounts it really helps. How? By using a proven motivational system of reminders, targets and rewards - similar in many ways to the training methods used by top athletes. Allow us to explain.

    The Big Cold Turkey This beautifully packaged kit contains a sleek silicone wristband, four stainless steel 'trophies', a Getting Started booklet, two badges and a diary to chart your progress through a 42 day program. The idea is that you wear the chic little wristband as a constant reminder of your resolution, and you clip on a reward trophy - charm bracelet-styley - on the 5th, 10th, 21st, and final day of the program. As you complete each stage of The Big Cold Turkey, you can even download certificates to commemorate and celebrate your achievements.

    Yes, we know what you're thinking, but you can scoff all you like because The Big Cold Turkey is causing a very positive stir in the media and its charitable foundation donates 10% of all profits to young people at risk from addiction. So why not give The Big Cold Turkey a go? You've got nothing to lose except your nasty habits and £9.95 - and you'll make that back in no time if you stick with the program. For those about to quit we salute you!

    The Big Cold Turkey
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