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'The Best' Trophy
  • 'The Best' Trophy

'The Best' Trophy

Because everyone's the best at something

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    The Best Trophy

    Size isn't important

    Do you know someone who's simply the best? And we don't mean someone who struts about in dandy outfits and lithpth when they thpeak. We mean someone who excels at one particular thing. If you do, you need to buy the Best Trophy.

    If you don't, you still need to buy the Best Trophy. Because everyone's the best at something - whether it's kissing, snoring, drinking, dodging their round, letting in goals, passing out after two shandies, or just being a wonderful person.
    The Best Trophy

    Beautiful bag and packaging

    The Best Trophy is a diminutive little award designed to be presented to anyone you feel deserves a bit of recognition - or a bit of a ribbing. The choice is yours, because this gleaming gift is perfect for honouring that special someone you love. Or hate. Like we said, the choice is yours.

    Beautifully crafted in dazzling sterling silver and presented in a smart embossed gift box, the Best Trophy measures a cute (or pathetic, depending on your point of view) 2.5x3.5cm, so it is ideal for placing next to your PC or popping in your pocket.

    The Best Trophy

    Feel like a giant!

    Whether you're being totally genuine or deeply ironic, this titchy trophy is guaranteed to raise a smile (even if it's through gritted teeth). Loved ones will go gaga, colleagues will go haha. In fact, we think we deserve an award for that: Best Rhyme on the Internet. Not!

    Just think of the fun you'll have giving the Best Trophy to a colleague who's truly useless at something, anything. It even comes with a little velvet pouch so you can unveil it in an amusing 'ta-da!' fashion.

    Irony aside, if you're planning on giving this to that special someone, we can assure you they will absolutely adore it. Indeed we were given our very own Best Trophy just the other day and it has pride of place on our desk. Now if only we could work out what it was for!

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