The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit
  • The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit
  • The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit

Kindred Spirits

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  • Age your favourite spirit right in the ruddy bottle
  • Simply pop in the staves and you’re away
  • Watch the colour, aroma and flavours change
  • Barrels are large and inconvenient. Someone had to say it


You know what should be wiped off the face of the earth? Alongside disease, poverty and laughter? Barrels. They’re unsightly things, are they not? Big, bolshy, absent minded. Just an utter nuisance. Banish the barrel we say. In fact, all of us here at Firebox hope we are one day lucky enough to live in a barrel free world. Alas, then how would we age our spirits? There’s nothing we love more than the feel of a vodka’s sweet, honeyed notes in and around our mouths. It seemed our hate of barrels and passion for alcohol were destined to coexist.

And then we discovered The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit. Goodbye barrels, hello taste bliss. This smashing little number rapidly ages your favourite spirits, right in the bottle. Simply add the two handcrafted staves to a 750 ml bottle of spirits and watch the process unravel before your very eyes.

The longer the staves sit, the bolder the flavour gets. Each day the colour and aromas of your spirit will grow in intensity, and spirits taste most scrumptious with an age of around 10-15 days. Once you’re all staved out, simply strain your fabulous new spirit through the cheesecloth provided. Ideal for all those “stay at home bartenders” out there.

In your face, barrels.

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