The Articulate Gallery Frame
  • The Articulate Gallery Frame

The Articulate Gallery Frame

Forget the fridge

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    Boy slotting in his artwork

    Here's one I made earlier!

    When it comes to showing off your children’s prized artwork, the fridge is the obvious choice. But to give their work a professional edge – and keep it safe from knocks and spills – mount it quickly and easily in The Articulate Gallery Frame.

    A brilliantly simple idea, this painted wooden frame is open at one end, allowing you to easily slide your children’s artwork in. The depth of the frame lets you mount anything from simple pencil sketches to chunky pipe-cleaner, pasta shell and PVA glue extravaganzas. What’s more, the simple opening lets you easily swap out artwork, so you can constantly rotate what’s on display in your family gallery.


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