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The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse

Recipes for Disaster

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  • Your very own post-apocalyptic cookbook & culinary survival guide
  • Covers everything from foraging edible insects to gourmet cuisine
  • Learn how to build filtration systems, fire holes and bear traps
  • Written by a seasoned chef so the 60+ recipes are stupidly delicious
  • Because a cupboard full of wretched tinned pies won't save you
You've spent weeks barricading your home, armour-plating your caravan, gathering a rich arsenal of questionable weaponry (crowbars, rusty shovels and the like) and now you're playing the waiting game. But what the movies don't tell you, is that in a zombie apocalypse the most common cause of death – is hunger and malnutrition.

A liberally-stocked cupboard of tinned pies just won't suffice, and what happens when those run out? The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse is your very own apocalyptic culinary survival guide – covering every angle from edible insects and wild plants to genuine haute cuisine. Learn how to build filtration systems, fire holes, solar stills and bear traps – you'll be scavenging, foraging and improvising your own doomsday delicacies in no time.

So when the dead roam the Earth (and by all accounts they will), make sure you're not just eating, but eating like a King with this post-apocalyptic cookbook.

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2 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Thought this would be a kitsch cookery book capitalising on the popularity of Zombies but it's crammed full of stuff."
    Lewis - 4th of June, 2015
  • "Bought as a gift for a friend who has nearly finished reading it! She loves it and tells us all about how she will survive a Apocalypse!"
    Georgia - 23rd of May, 2015