Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

The Anthology of Gin Tasting Set

From G to T

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  • Embark on a juniper-soaked journey through time
  • Contains 4 unique and delicious bottles of gin available nowhere else
  • Beautiful 24-page booklet to guide you on this alcoholic odyssey
  • Perfect for budding gin lovers and well-versed gin-buffs alike
  • Just the right combination of drinking and learning
Gin has come a very long way, from its early medicinal uses to the glorious spirit we taste today. The Anthology of Gin Tasting Set is here to broaden your boozy horizons and take you on a juniper-drenched journey through time.

This handsome collection contains four different 20cl ceramic bottles – each one focussing on an individual style of gin from its long and illustrious history. They've been especially made to exaggerate the unique flavours and show off the merits of that particular type of gin.

The malty Genever is super smooth, the Old Tom is sweet and botanical, the high proof Navy Strength is brimming with spices and the classic London Dry is fiercely crisp.

These one-of-a-kind vessels are never going to be made available outside of this exclusive pack but they will give you a better understanding of the styles of gins available and help you to appreciate the subtle nuances of this incredible spirit.

Naturally this set is accompanied by a beautifully-presented 24-page booklet, full of enlightening gin facts and anecdotes to guide you on this intoxicating voyage.
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