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The A-Team R/C Van
  • The A-Team R/C Van

The A-Team R/C Van

Shuddup, fool!

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    The A-Team R/C Van

    Lights and sounds

    'In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit…' If those words mean anything to you, you're probably already rubbing your Hannibal-style black leather gloves together in sheer excitement. Yes indeed, an R/C replica of the A-Team's ultra-macho GMC van has screeched into the Firebox stockade, and it's just as cool as you remember.

    The A-Team R/C Van

    Van & twin toggle transmitter

    Fully-licensed by the A-Team (not literally, silly, they're still in hiding) this fully-functioning, ready-to-run van will take you back to those Saturday evenings spent watching the adventures of the world's most famous fugitives for hire.

    Get to grips with the twin toggle transmitter and you'll soon be whizzing around shouting 'I pity the fool!' as you attempt to outrun the imaginary forces of Colonel Decker. You can even blast out that rousing theme tune as you rescue various saddos from small time crooks. We love it when a van comes together!

    The A-Team R/C Van The A-Team R/C Van The A-Team R/C Van


    Tyre Detail

    Not quite life-size

    With its characteristic red stripe and fabulously pointless rooftop spoiler, the A-Team R/C Van is more than a souped-up mercenary mobile; it's an icon of vehicular pop culture. And that's no surprise when you consider the brilliance of the A-Team. Who else could make an armoured car out of an old lawnmower and an off-cut of corrugated iron. And what about those tongue-in-cheek episode titles. From The Spy Who Mugged Me to Bullets and Bikinis, the A-Team oozed class. Just like this battery-operated ride.

    Unlike the TV show we'll quit this jibba-jabba while we're ahead, because we can't afford to hire guest stars such as Boy George and Hulk Hogan to bolster tumbling ratings. Suffice to say, this evocative van is set to race off the shelves faster than you can double-take at a Cylon. So hit the Buy button. And remember: if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.
    The A Team R/C Van

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