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That Big Event in London Totes
  • That Big Event in London Totes

That Big Event in London Totes

They’re totes hilarious

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Pink and Green - SOLD OUT
Oh NO! Like a bunch of sprinters blasting out of the blocks, it seems that other Firebox customers have beaten you to these Totes. While there's still a few Blue ones left, sadly, due to the sustainable manufacturing process, we won't be able to get anymore.


    Scale Em bicep

    Make a statement about The Event

    Apparently there’s a big event of some kind, which may or may not involve competitive sports, and have historical ties to the ancient Greeks. We hear it’s happening in a major capital city in the UK, and will potentially involve a massive influx of people to said city. For those not involved (or interested), this event may lead to massive delays, mounting frustrations, and a 24/7 barrage of sporting news. But we can’t talk about it.

    With this in mind, it’s important to be prepared. Before going anywhere, we recommend packing a bag with some emergency rations, board games, a change of clothes an inflatable life raft and anything else you may need. Which is why we’re bringing you That Big Event in London Totes, which combine sturdy bag-like construction with some suitably snarky commentary on this big event.

    Three designs available:

    Pink - Steroids


    Blue - American Family


    Green - 3 Hour Commute

    Referencing the “distinctive” colourful design of the big event’s promotional material; you can choose from three straight-shooting statements. So, whether you’re stuck on the tube, on a bus or just caught in a crowd, you’ll be providing a much needed reality check and letting everyone know just how you’re feeling. Plus they’re ethically and sustainably manufactured, so you’ll be supporting a good cause.

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