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Tetris Two-Player Plug 'n' Play
  • Tetris Two-Player Plug 'n' Play

Tetris Two-Player Plug 'n' Play

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    The global smash hit Tetris was invented by Soviet mathematician Alexey Pajitnov in 1985 while working at the Computer Center of the Moscow Academy of Science. Since its commercial introduction in 1987, Tetris has been established as the largest selling and most recognized global brand in the history of the interactive game software industry. Tetris® can be found on more than 60 platforms and 70 countries and over 65 million Tetris game units have been sold worldwide to date.

    To say that Tetris is "a bit addictive" is the understatement of the century. It caused chaos in offices in the eighties when it circulated on floppy disks and productivity rates dropped like lead balloons. For those living on Mars for the past two decades, the game of Tetris consists of falling odd-shaped bricks which must be rotated into position to complete full horizontal lines across the screen.

    As horizontal lines get completed they disappear, freeing up space as more shapes keep falling at an ever increasing pace. Fill the screen with blocks and you "Top Out" - game over. A "Tetris" is achieved when four such lines are completed at once by moving the final piece into position. There are actually seven simple shapes ("Tetriminos") in play, each one consists of only four blocks:

    Tetris is simple to play but difficult to master, taunting players for hours on end or equally as much fun to dip into for a ten minute distraction. Hardcore Tetris gamers have even coined official terms for all the different Tetris components:

    • The Matrix - The game board or grid where all the pieces move around
    • Tetrion - The device that contains the Matrix.
    • Tetriminos - The seven shapes formed by the joining of four Blocks.
    • Top Out - When there is no more room in the Matrix for the Tetriminos.

    2005 sees the twentieth anniversay of this, the first ever game to launch from behing the Iron Curtain. And what better way to celebrate than with our new tetris Two Player Plug'n'Play unit? As well as the original version of the game it also comes with three other Tetris variants all crammed into a self-contained plug'n'play console system complete with TWO joysticks so you can play head-to-head!

    Just like our best-selling Atari and Namco Classics, this fabulous little box of gaming nostalgia plugs directly into your TV via handy AV cables, and it's so compact you can take it anywhere there's a TV on hand.

    Featured Games include:

    Standard Tetris
    Rotate, move, drop. Repeat until your brain is fried.

    Battle Tetris
    Like the classic version of the game, except that every line you complete gets "given" to your oponent, and vice versa. Let the battle commence...

    Garbage Tetris
    Instead of starting with a clean screen, the Matrix is littered with orphaned blocks to get in your way...

    Hotline Tetris
    Lines are marked out on the Matrix at various heights - each a goal to earn you points, but the higher the goal, the higher the risk of "Topping Out".

    Tetris Two Player Console

    Want to know more about the phenomenon called Tetris? Check out this potted history.

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