Tetris Cufflinks
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Tetris Cufflinks

Left, rotate, rotate, DOWN!

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    Back when Tetris first appeared (historians estimate around 32BC) we couldn’t get enough of its addictive gameplay, simple controls and darned catchy music. And testament to the game’s appeal – it’s still popular! Well now you can celebrate this timeless classic with Tetris Cufflinks.

    Adorning your cuffs with the iconic ‘J’ and ‘T’ shapes (or ‘Tetriminoes’) these glossy cufflinks will be sure to catch the eye of fellow gaming geeks and nostalgia junkies. Just like in the game, you may even find yourself absently spinning them on your cuff while you wait for the wedding/funeral/interview to begin. Just don’t think about that music or you’ll be humming it all day. Oh... too late.

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