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Tetris Cookie Cutters

Watch them rise then fall

Product not available at the moment.
  • Because round cookies are an ineffective use of space
  • Practise the world's most stressful game while the pressure is off
  • Rotate them at your whim. Make them disappear
  • Level up as you feast
  • Officially licensed!
Your regular round cookies just don't tessellate very well. They waste valuable space in your baking tray and it's making you sad. Now all the pieces have at last fallen into place and you can finally maximise your cooking capacity with these retro-inspired Tetris Cookie Cutters.

It's a classic game but it isn't half exhausting. Sick and tired of getting those good-for-nothing T and Z pieces? Aren't we bloody all. Now you can just mass-bake the cherished Line and Square Tetriminos and enjoy a leisurely baking and gaming experience.

Practise the world's most increasingly stressful game while the pressure is off. Rotate them at your whim. Make those lines disappear. You're no longer battling against gravity and you level up as you eat.

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