Tenzi Dice Game
  • Tenzi Dice Game
  • Tenzi Dice Game
  • Tenzi Dice Game

Tenzi Dice Game

Roll With It

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • A dice game that will satisfy even the friskiest of thrill seekers
  • Can you survive this frenzied challenge?
  • Be the first player to get all 10 dice to show the same number
  • Fast-paced, exhilarating fun for all the fam


When you hear Fast and Furious what springs to mind is likely Vin Diesel's bald head and cars bursting into flames. Well, you haven’t experienced the true meaning of Fast and Furious until you’ve taken Tenzi for a spin.

This frenzied little game accommodates up to four players and its simplicity adds to its exhilarating nature. Quite literally, all you have to do is be the first player to get all ten of your dice to show the same number. Yup. That’s it.

Each player chooses a set of dice. Players hold all ten dice in their hands. Someone screams “go” really really loudly* and everyone rolls at the same time. Quickly look at your roll and decide which number you are going to go for. (For example, if you have more 3’s than any other number, that’s what you want to go for.) Put all your dice with that number aside, collect the remaining dice and quickly roll again. Keep rolling (rolling rolling) until all ten of your dice show the same number.

Once your dice all show the same number, scream 'Tenzi' to claim your crown. Again, be sure to scream really really loudly*.

What's that searing wildly through your bloodstream? That's adrenaline, buddy.

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