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Tentfinder Light

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    Hanging inside a tent

    Sort out your tent lighting!

    The problem with pitching your tent in a campsite is that it’s so easy to forget where you parked the darned thing. With all those other brightly coloured domes dotting the landscape, all it takes is a late night trip to the toilet and you’re completely lost.

    Thankfully, the Tentfinder Light is at hand to not only help you find your tent, but also to give it all the street smarts of an executive saloon. Just hook the light inside your tent – or use the magnetic back to attach it to something metal – and it’ll provide a handy light when you’re settling down for the night. One push of the on button will illuminate the three centre LEDs, a second push will illuminate the outer ring of twenty LEDs, and a third push will illuminate the whole lot!

    3 lighting modes

    3 lighting modes

    But we haven’t told you the best bit yet. Thanks to the handy pocket-sized remote you can operate all of these functions from up to fifty metres away! So now if you get lost amongst the multicoloured mushrooms, you can flick on the lights and find yours in an instant.

    Magnet and hook on the back

    Magnet, hook and wall mount options

    Because the Tentfinder Light uses low power-consumption LEDs, rather than conventional bulbs, they’ll never need replacing. And the batteries will last a fair while too. In fact, from a single set you should get up to five hours of light with all twenty-three LEDs switched on, or thirty hours from just the three central ones. Although if you still haven’t found your tent by then, you’re probably in the wrong field.

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