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Tent Jacket

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    This is no normal jacket...

    Camping trips, travelling the world and trekking up yonder hillside. All sounds fun and awe-inspiring to the contemporary adventurer, doesn’t it? Until you realise just how much equipment is needed for the pleasures of a mosquito-filled night beneath the starry sky.

    Tent, Sleeping Bag and a Jacket just for starters, and the list seemingly never ends, while the weight of your load gets heavier than Little Donkey’s on his dusty road.

    The JakPak transforms...
    Pulling out the sleeping bag

    Pull down the sleeping bag

    JZip up the leg cover

    Zip up...

    Brace clips

    Clip the braces on


    Pull out the mini-tent

    Laydown on the ground

    Laydown on the ground

    Mosquito net

    Cover your body
    with the mosquito net

    Black JakPak

    Black version available

    That is until now, for the revolutionary Jakpak is here to save the day, and your poor back. To the untrained eye the JakPak appears to be just another run-of-the-mill Waterproof Jacket, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find this revolutionary piece of kit discreetly houses a Mini-Tent and a Sleeping Bag! Within a couple of minutes you can go from highland jacket-wearer to being set up for a good night’s kip.

    Each JakPak is Waterproof and Breathable providing complete top-to-toe coverage and with the addition of ‘no-see-um’ Technology mesh netting (we’re serious), you can sleep safe in the knowledge that creepy-crawlies will pass you by when on the prowl for their evening snack. The mini-tent and sleeping bag sections are also completely detachable allowing you to use the JakPak simply as a jacket if required. Plus, the zip at the bottom of the JakPak sleeping bag allows your feet and legs complete freedom on demand. Perfect for those 5am journeys into dark woodland when nature calls.

    Sleeping in the tent

    Ready to sleep under the stars

    Available in Green and in a variety of sizes, the JakPak is your one-stop-shop for all of your camping and outdoor slumber needs. Except maybe a pillow. Everybody likes a good pillow.

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