Tennis Ball Dryer
  • Tennis Ball Dryer

Tennis Ball Dryer

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    Preserve your balls' bounce!

    Not a lot of people know this, but tennis balls hate the water. If they aren’t dried properly after getting wet they’ll very quickly lose their bounce, throwing off your game and making you look a right pleb. So the next time they get wet, pop them in the Tennis Ball Dryer.

    Not only is it a convenient way to carry your tennis balls, the Tennis Ball Dryer’s lining has been developed specifically to wick moisture away from the balls, venting it to the outside environment, leaving them as good as new. The three-layered bag is so efficient that left to its own devices it’ll dry your tennis balls out in as little as four hours. Much better than popping them back in their metal tube.

    Can also be used to:
    guy measuring net couple with balls bottle being kept cold

    Measure nets to regulation height

    Carry spare balls to and from courts

    Keep drinks cool while you play!

    Not only will the Tennis Ball Dryer save you a small fortune on new balls, but it also has a built in net measure and shoulder strap. Making this an incredibly handy bit of kit to carry with you. Once you’ve taken the tennis balls out, it’ll even double up as a drinks cooler while you’re playing. Ace!

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