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You've been Tengu-d

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    You'll never feel lonely at
    your desk again!

    We've seen some amusing attempts at lip-syncing in our time (virtually every Top of the Pops performance in history springs to mind) but Tengu takes the techno-cake. This USB-powered desktop companion sits by your computer making different faces according to its mood. But here's the good bit: Tengu lip-syncs to the music it hears so it looks like its singing along. Daft, eh!

    Bright LEDs in Tengu's sleek rectangular face respond to any sound, so as well as gurning away to the music you play, this hip little square also moves its lips as you merrily type away. Tengu will even lip sync as you speak (although chatting to a USB peripheral, albeit an über-stylish one, is not something we'd recommend).


    Blow on Tengu's face to wake him up

    Play music and watch him join in

    Blow on the mic to change his face

    To activate Tengu simply blow. You heard, blow. Then all you have to do is make some noise. Yes, we know it's all a bit strange but that's the idea. Believe us, once you witness Tengu's cute facial contortions you'll be totally mesmerised. Work? What work?


    Plug in the USB to your
    Mac or PC

    Unlike other USB peripherals Tengu can't make the tea, backup files or even make the day go faster. In fact Tengu doesn't really do that much at all. But seeing as you've got enough time to fritter away the day reading this nonsense, neither do you. It's a win-win scenario any way you slice it.

    With over 14 different facial expressions, Tengu is infinitely more emotive than your average office bod and is guaranteed to cheer you up every time you clap eyes on it. Of course there are other, more useful ways to employ your USB ports but none of them combine music, miming and dodgy face-pulling. And if that's not reason enough to hit the Buy button we don't know what is.


    Some of Tengu's many faces. Which one is your favourite?

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