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    Wake up to the radio without any snap, crackle or pop!

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      When battling boffins, Tesla and Marconi, were busy arguing over who invented radio, neither could have possibly imagined the cultural impact this mystifying mess of coils, keys and dischargers would one day have on our humble planet. And we're not talking dull abdication speeches, lunar broadcasts or Orson Welles' Martian invasion hoax-type stuff. We're talking seriously unforgettable moments that make radio worth listening to. From DLT's on-air resignation and Mike Read's wobbler over the saucy lyrics to Relax, through to Ali G's swearing session and Tim Westwood's ridiculous pretend ghetto-speak, radio can always be relied upon to entertain, inform and amuse. Yes indeedly-doodly, radio rocks.

      Tempus-1: ports in back

      But you already knew that. That's why so many of you have already succumbed to the amazing, interference-free delights of DAB radio. This breakthrough technology is the best thing to happen to the airwaves since Noel Edmonds got the elbow, and it just keeps on getting better. Pure's best-selling Evoke range has already set the standards in this exciting new genre, so we suspected their spanking new Tempus-1 DAB radio was going to be special the minute it arrived at Firebox HQ.

      Tempus-1: tuning button

      For those who don't already know, DAB radio is designed to completely resist interference, and offers superb digital audio and a plethora of hi-tech features. DAB renders knob fiddling obsolete, as stations are identified on-screen by name. Scrolling digital text also displays song titles, programme information and news supplied by broadcasters. DAB is the future of radio. Fact.

      Stylishly simple, the Tempus-1 boasts all the features you'd expect from a state-of-the-art DAB radio, but with a slight, bedtime twist. The Tempus-1 is the ultimate bedside companion (well, almost), as its programmable alarms enable you to fall asleep listening to one station and wake up to another (or a simple alarm tone if you prefer). You can even set two different alarm times, each with different settings for weekdays and weekends.

      Tempus-1: snoozehandle

      Innovative SnoozeHandle™ technology means that when the alarm goes off, a simple touch on the Tempus-1's sleek handle sets the alarm to snooze or, at other times, illuminates the full-screen clock for easy night-time viewing. Featuring digital optical and analogue outputs for connection to your hi-fi as a DAB tuner, the Tempus-1 also has a sophisticated record timer, enabling you to record your favourite shows to a MiniDisc or CD-recorder.

      If you decide to travel abroad, no problem, the Tempus-1 can be simply autotuned to any station on the Band III network by pressing and holding the autotune button. We could harp on about the Tempus-1 for ages and pages, but, in the words of Sir Tony Blackburn, we really should stop-a-doodle-doo. As the cliché goes, it has to be heard to be believed.

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