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Tempour - The Ultimate Wine Gadget
  • Tempour - The Ultimate Wine Gadget
  • Tempour - The Ultimate Wine Gadget
  • Tempour - The Ultimate Wine Gadget

Tempour - The Ultimate Wine Gadget

Cooler, Aerator, Filter, Pourer

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  • Four-in-one modular tool ensures your alcohol never tasted so good
  • Bottle pourer, chiller, filter, refiner
  • Invented in Napa, California, the Valley of the Wine Kings
  • Not just for wine! Designed to enhance any bottle from wine to champagne to sake
  • Almost as clever as you


The Tempour takes your wine bore game to another level!

Glance at it and you’ll see a simple, metal pouring rod but Tempour is so much more. It is in fact the wine or spirit drinker’s perfect companion; the unique four-in-one capability means you can chill, filter, pour and seal any beverage effortlessly and easily.

Firstly, Tempour keeps your drink at the perfect temperature from the inside out with its detachable gel-filled stainless steel chilling rod. This can be interchanged as needed so you can really tailor to the required temperature and of course it won’t dilute the liquid.

The modern spout actually refines your tipple as you serve as it contains a built-in filter screen – so no more nasty red wine sediment. The gentle aeration hole also improves pouring speed and lightly enlivens the flavours of your drink too.

Last but not least, Tempour works as a top notch bottle sealer; its dual silicon stopper will keep your beverage fresh for another day. We’d go as far as saying this is a five-in-one tool; as it’ll also make all wine snobs within a 5.8 miles radius sick with envy - which actually tops everything else.

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