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Telescopic BBQ Fork
  • Telescopic BBQ Fork
  • Telescopic BBQ Fork
  • Telescopic BBQ Fork

Telescopic BBQ Fork

Have a stab at it

Product not available at the moment.
  • Handle your barbecue food like a boss
  • Extends telescopically to a length of 63cm
  • Looks like a regular ol' fork when unextended
  • Use it to assess and flip meat without singeing your arm hairs
  • Ideal for casually stabbing at leftovers
The "chef" manning the BBQ announces that another batch of hotdogs is ready...

Don't. Move. A. Muscle. Just casually extend the Telescopic BBQ Fork and lay claim to the least-burnt sausage.

This revolutionary eating utensil extends telescopically, giving you an extra reach of 63cm. The joints are pretty robust even at full extension so you can joyously plunge the fork into all sorts of tough foods.

There's no better way to lazily stab at the leftovers.

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  • "No more sharpening sticks to toast a marshmallow! "
    George - 8th of November, 2017